If you believe you are in crisis, please call the agency during normal business hours or 911.

Determining if you or someone you know has a substance abuse problem can often be difficult.  Often if use of alcohol or other drugs, whether legal or illegal, causes problems in your life, it is felt to be a problem.  There are several screening tools that can be used to determine if a problem is present.

There are varying degrees of substance abuse problems: 

  • Misuse - The intentional use of a substance to reach intoxication.
  • Abuse - Use of a substance that leads to family, occupational, social and even legal problems. 
  • Dependence - Use of a substance to the point where a tolerance is developed, some withdrawal symptoms may be present upon abstinence, and where there is unpredictability over the ability to control/moderate use. 
  • Bingeing - A sporadic use of a substance to excess.